Management Mobile Application

Category : Productivity
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 9/16/2019


The app includes features such as: 1. Manage Items - Add, delete, search items in your inventory and edit the item name (recorded as transaction). 2. Manage Transactions - Add (Purchase), Remove (Sale), Search an Item in your Inventory. 3. Keep track of Out Of Stock/Low Inventory Items by selecting appropriate radio button. 4. Export (and import) Transaction History / Item Records / Out of Stock and Low Inventory Items to a csv file (eg: Transactions.csv/Items.csv) which can then be opened with an Excel File Reader. If the excel file reader does not exist on the device, the file can also be transferred to your PC (the file is created in the home folder of your storage). Then, it can be converted into any desired format. 5. View Transaction History. 6. Reach out for Help at the given email address in the Help section. Also, a help video link is included in the help section: 7. Customise the app according to your needs using "Settings". You can enable / disable adding transaction description while doing a transaction under "Manage Transactions", enable / disable adding negative inventory count (for advance sale), enable / disable adding transaction date / time for advance or future transactions under "Manage Transactions" (If it is disabled in settings, then current date / time is taken for transaction). 8. You can also clear all transaction data. 9. A Preview File feature is also there under Export/Import Data Section. 10. Notification Settings have been added (including Low Inventory and Out Of stock Reminders) under Settings. A low item count is added by default for each item under Manage Items (set as 2). This can also be edited. According to the threshold count set for each item under Manage Items, you can receive notifications for low inventory. 11. Barcode supported now! You can add items with barcode or choose to assign barcode later. Do a quick search with a barcode! Note 1: For tablet users, I noticed that the settings and "clear transaction data" options on the Main application screen are available when you click on the Menu (denoted by 2 or 3 parallel lines - it might be present as a hardware key on some tablets). Do try the app for your stock management.


Inventory Management App is a simple app to record your inventory information