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Film making Bible is Free app for the most sensitive aspiring Filmmakers, Artist, Media and Art students as well as for every creative mind that need the guidance. Film making Bible helps you to know the right connections in International Film Industry Notwork.Its initiation by Bapu Sarvagod India based Filmmaker.Film making Bible is social network and educational organization for creative professionals who work in film, television ,theater and literature. As of since 2002 its mother organization Senseindia Foundation Media Research and Education Forum has trained more than 15000 Film Makers those are working globally. You are invited to as professional in the entertainment industry including directors, writers, actors, cinematographers,editors and entertainment staff. Get update in your professional Life. Read Article in Film Making Watch Knowledge based videos Share your professional skill to get paid Hire talented and experienced Artist and Technicians Get Film making Training from experts Learn Professional Film and Theater Acting Get promote yourself as professional Actor Get Film Production Consultancy to save your Film Production coast Make deals for your Feature Films / Documentary /Short Films Get Distributed your Films Share your knowledge and profile to the Industry Get your Film Making Certification Learn Script writing and Concept Development Learn How to submit your script to OTT platforms Know the best Film Institutes in the world Get Updated with new Film Making technology Built your network in Film Industry Sale your Film Services to Industry Write you script under the expert Script Mentor Work as trainee Film Maker on Live Film Project Know how to get Film Making Funds and Grants for your Film Project Know the suitable Film Festivals for you Film Tell about your beautiful cinematic Location Release your Film promos and Songs in the professional Film Networks Send your entries for film competitions and Awards Create your Fund raiser Publish your Film Festivals and Competitions


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