Cryptopanic Mobile Application

Category : News And Magazines
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 3/28/2018


This application redirects you to the Cryptopanic website, to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency news everywhere. This website was created by a cryptocurrency enthusiast and developer who, according to a post on Reddit, get tired of running around cryptocurrency news and subreddits to understand why prices are suddenly skyrocketing or falling. That developer makes the decision to create an aggregator that, then gives users positive or negative signals based on that information.Those positive or negative signals can be based on a cryptocurrency’s price, an entire market, or the blockchain industry as a whole. How To Use CryptoPanic The website is basic but effective. It’s a simple, black and white website with splashes of color thrown in to indicate positive or negative news (sharp drops are recorded in red letting, while sharp rises are recorded in green lettering). The left hand side of the page features a scrolling news feed. That feed shows news from the last hour or so from various sources – including sources like r/bitcoin,,, and more. You can cycle through the news items by pressing your J or K keys. Each news item is accompanied with a basic write-up about the topic, as well as a link to the original source of that news. You can also sort through news based on the type of news it may be – like “All News”, “Trending”, or Positive and Negative. Meanwhile the top of the website features a scrolling list of the most popular cryptocurrencies as well as their daily performance.


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