DVDAY630 Mobile Application

Category : Lifestyle
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 11/6/2019


DVDAY630™ is an acronym for Disabled Veterans Day™ or DVDAY™- a fundraising-awareness holiday celebrated annually June 30, just for disabled veteran service-related disability needs in a streamlined, least-resistant process! By downloading DVDAY630™ App, users ages 13+ can register free with username/password and login to access all app features including: U.S. disabled veteran connection to their local VA Office with virtually 1 click, DVDAY630 Brain Train™ game access for improved memory and cognition in disabled veterans with TBI, connection to 911 right from the DVDAY630™ App in an emergency, access to the official Disabled Veterans Day™ website, and more! DVDAY630™ App is easy to use, mobile-optimized for Android and IOS, useful, practical, informative, aesthetically pleasing, promotes a great cause, and offers a secure environment for disabled veterans, their families, friends, and supporters! (does not generate user to user content)


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