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Yayınlanma Tarihi: 4/26/2023


This is the exact process I followed to build my fulfilling life WITH Depression rather than continuing to chase an elusive "recovery." You'll find resources such as videos, checklists, audio meditations to help you follow the ORCHID Formula for managing Depression. There's also channelled daily journal prompts and weekly collective mental health tarot readings. The app is added to every week with new resources. ORCHID is: Owning your health Reconnecting with former loves Core knowledge Holistic therapies Inspiration and truths Doing. It. Now. Practical advice for how you can claim your life back, create your own Creature of F&*king Beauty (the thing you create by using your Depression as a muse) and maybe even create a new business for yourself. Premium membership includes personal feedback of journal prompt work, individual mental health tarot readings, and extra videos and tutorials.


Depression, Wellbeing, suicideprevention, creativity