Opennet Mobile Application

Category : Social Networking
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 3/27/2021


1: Customer pay in advance 5 months up: free installation 2: IPV4 Policies: Fiber home package: customer need to rent IPV4: 1$/months 3: If customer prepaid 5 months up and have own equipment already : free 1 totolink extender 4:If customer prepaid 3 months , have own equipment already: free installation 5: The payment should be nonrefundable , the price list is not including vat 6: With foreigner customer need to deposit 30$, this amount will be changed to monthly fee on 13th months , 14th months 7: Contract duration: minimum 24 months, early termination will be fined for usd 60 8: If customer stop to use before 24 months , customer