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Category : Travel
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 12/13/2019


This daytour is the success of our agency and it will take you to a waterfall, the theatre of Aspendos and a walk along the ruins in the antic city of Side. These sites are the closest to Alanya. Spending your vacation in the Alanya-area, gives you the opportunity to see some of the most famous sites in Turkey. On this tour we not only take you to see a beautiful waterfall, but also the most famous amphi-theatre from the second century in Aspendos. It was here, where Luciano Pavarotti gave a concert, because of its famous acoustics. Can you imagine, that when you are in the theatre amongst thousands of people, you can still hear word for word what is said on stage, without a microphone? It is a must to visit this theatre, if you visit Turkey. Then there is the antic city of Side. Our tourist-guide will take you along a range of ruins and you will be given information (in English, Dutch and German) about the buildings in the old days. By the end of the day, you will know, that Side is not just a pile of stones. In between we will also visit our sponsors, a gold-factory and a leather-factory. There will be an opportunity to purchase, in case you are interested in buying tax-free and with group-discount. We will be having a great lunch with an open buffet. Lunch is included in the tour, but not the drinks. So get in touch with us and tell us your Hotel-name and room-number and we will tell you the time, when we will pick you up in the morning. We will see to it that you are back at the hotel at dinnertime.


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