Radio Trance Passion

Radio Trance Passion Mobile Application

Category : Music
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 9/22/2020


Radio Trance Passion mobile app was developed to be a light one,simple and efficient, an app that will not overload your phone, play in back ground and that will allow you to do to whatever you want in same time, while listening to the best trance mixes. With this app we want to share the best trance music wherever you are, whenever you want. Our dedicated stream for mobile will ensure quality sound. Play 24 / day , enjoy the best trance music and great Dj! Feel the Trance Energy! *-Hiqh Quality,Non-Stop Music! *-Stream Information so you never miss the songs you enjoy *-Follow us on our Website/Twitter/Facebook pages from inside the app! *-Ability to share the app to your friends!! *-Video Stream in beta mode. ( For next app, very soon) *-Notes included *-About us *-Contact us *-Settings *-No publicity included *-Very soon new version. *-Many thanks for your support and comment


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