TL Mogllywood

TL Mogllywood Mobile Application

Category : Media And Video
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 7/31/2019


My MOGLLYWOOD is an Entertainment Application.only for Creativity purpose.Various song,short movie, drama,Documentary films and other Creative activities would be available here.It an effort to find out new talent and it is also a platform to Expose their creation for Entertainment and learning Purpose.This Aap has been inspired by the Innovative movement of a particular section of New generation who are always in research to discover theselves in new world of Creation. By this Aap people will be introduce with Culture,Tradition and carious stage and section of Creativiri and Exhibitio. Peolpe will enjoy as well as learn how to acting, dialogue writing, singing,Camera and Editing process through this Aap.Tutorial video will teach everyone who desire.


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