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HER Business Revolution Mobile Application

Category : Business
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 1/30/2020


The HER Business Revolution app is for FEMALE BUSINESS OWNERS to book to attend our FREE networking meetings - as well as access our FREE business, sales and mindset training and FREE business strategy coaching. Our SUPERWOMEN MEMBERSHIP CLUB MEMBERS can also use the app to easily login and access their club benefits and Private Member's Community. Details of our super-supportive membership club - to connect, support, train and empower talented and passionate BUSINESS WOMEN - can also be found within this straightforward, but effective, app. Our mission at HER Business Revolution is to reach 1 million WOMEN IN BUSINESS with both our online and offline activities, and this app helps us to achieve this. Plus, it also supports our values to continuously develop and evolve to be able to offer the absolute BEST QUALITY TRAINING AND COACHING, and to ensure that women can access our services as easily and efficiently as possible, while working within their busy lives!... ...Because we are all SUPERWOMEN!!!


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