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What do we do? We are dedicated to providing affordable, cost effective IT solutions to businesses. We design and develop software with the small to medium sized business in mind. Business Builder provides a range of utilities to enable a business to concentrate on providing its' core products or services. This is achieved through providing a system that is efficient and simple to use, covering all main aspects of running a business, from contact management, to accounting, to maintaining customer service levels. We provide Business Accounting Solution and Professional Services ensuring that all businesses Problems are solved and we also do All Business Software and CCTV & Spy Camera Installation in small to medium sized business especial in the following location:- Stores and Super Stores, Hardware Stores, Supermarkets, Spare Parts Shops, Electronic & digital Shops, hotels, kitchen & Restaurants, Hospital, Dispensaries and Pharmacies, Schools and Institutes, garages and Saloons, Sacco’s and churches, Offices itc. For the start-up business we advise on initial IT requirements, keeping capital expenditure to a minimum, but maximizing the benefits to be gained from your IT investment. We build PCs to clients' personal specifications, or based on an evaluation of their needs. Our PCs, networks and other hardware are highly competitive in price. In addition, we provide Web Hosting services and full Web & Blog Site Design services ensuring that businesses have a professional marketing/information presence on the Internet.


Hibas Tanzania