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Yayınlanma Tarihi: 6/10/2019


RACE PROVEN TECHNOLOGY GTR Developments is an innovative New Zealand company dedicated to the manufacturing and development of specialised race car parts including Digital Tyre Bleeders. Here at GTR Developments we are very excited to present our state of the art Digital Tyre Bleeders for sale for the 2019 season. Our bleeders have been successfully race tested worldwide and New Zealand and Australia in particular with winning results. Our innovative Electronic Bleeders are designed to accurately and precisely release any excess air pressure build up due to thermal expansion of tyre gasses. As a result, GTR tyre bleeder management system promotes more consistent handling and bolsters tyre management and efficiency. Developed for drivers by drivers! “The correct Tyre pressures can be the difference between losing or winning the race, especially in longer races that contain more laps. Our 2019 GTR Electronic Tyre Bleeders offer far more consistency and greater control over maintaining your desired tyre pressures during a race", Greg Teece, Driver and Designer of the GTR Electronic Motorsports Bleeder.


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