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e-mail **** password resetregister Terms of Service - Gokano.com I. General provisions Meaning of the terms used in the Terms of Service: Terms of Service – this document, regulating the terms and conditions of usage of Gokano.com, Service – ran by the Operator, service Gokano.com, available at the domain www.gokano.com, which allows its registered Users to collect virtual points (GN) which can be exchanged for prizes. To use the service, one needs access to the Internet and to a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox) as well as an active e-mail address. Operator – the administrator of the Service is GOKANO Sp. z o.o. headquartered in ul. Kopernika 30/4B, 00-336 Warsaw, Poland. KRS: 0000441512 REGON: 146408305 company@gokano.com User – natural person meeting the conditions of the Terms of Service, who performer a confirmed registration in the Service and is allowed to take part in Service’s activities. GN Points – Service’s basic currency, serving the purpose of ordering prizes in Gokano. Prize – object offered in exchange for Points, as long as the Prize is marked as „Available”. Object – subject presented in the Service shop. Account – personal profile of the User in the Service. User has access to the Account by providing the e-mail address and password in the Service. Registration – procedure of creating an Account for the User. Proceeding through Registration is necessary to collect GN Points, inviting friends and exchanging Points for Prizes. Winner – User allowed to receive a Prize accordingly to the rules specified in the Terms of Service. II. Registration Users of the Service need to meet following conditions – natural person, who is at least 18 years old with full legal capacity. Individuals who of the age of at least 13 and less than 18 are allowed to be Users of the Service only with parental consent which also means the User’s statement of being in possession of parental consent for performing actions in the Service. Legal guardians bear legal responsibility for the actions of the underage User, especially they bear the liability for damages for the Operator and third parties. Prizes and Objects are received in the name of the underage User by his legal guardians. Registration in the Service if free of charge. During the Registration process User’s Account is created. User is allowed to only have one Account. User is not allowed to use other User’s accounts nor to share his own Account to other parties. Accounts are inalienable. To perform the Registration, future User must fill in the registration form by providing certain personal data: first name, last name, birth date, address, phone number, e-mail address, login and password. Operator reserves the right to verify User data during and after the process of Registration. Operator is allowed to suspend the Account for the time of verification of the User’s data In case of changing the data after the process of Registration has been completed, User shall update the data as soon as possible by using the form available after logging-in to his Account. User is not allowed to provide inaccurate or incomplete personal data. User is not allowed to change the e-mail address and the login provided during the Registration process. Data provided in the form can only concern the individual filling the form. Operator does not bear legal responsibility for the inaccuracy of the data provided by the User. User bears legal responsibility on the account of the Operator for the effects of providing inaccurate data, especially the User is required to fix the damages done to the Operator caused by providing inaccurate data. During the process of Registration, Terms of Service is presented to the user in its current form. During the process of Registration, User accepts the Terms of Service in its current form. Accepting the Terms of Service is required to finish the Registration and to use the Service by the User. User is req


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