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Yayınlanma Tarihi: 1/30/2018


KOREAN STORE IS AN INITIATIVE OF NEPAL-KOREA EXPORT & IMPORT PVT. LTD; ONE OF THE TOP KOREAN PRODUCTS IMPORTER IN NEPAL. ESTABLISHED IN 2011 WITH HAVING A GOAL TO PROVIDE GENUINE KOREAN PRODUCTS TO A WIDE RANGE OF CUSTOMERS IN NEPAL. TO AVAIL, CONVENIENT SERVICE TO A WIDE RANGE OF CUSTOMERS WWW.EKOREANSTORE.COM OUR ONLINE STORE WAS ESTABLISHED. NOW WE HAVE LAUNCHED OUR MOBILE SO THAT WE COULD BE ABLE TO REACH MORE AND MORE PEOPLE AND PROVIDE A BETTER SERVICE. Providing a wide range of Blankets from Korea's Best Blanket Company Solaron, Bed Heater, Fiber Quilt, Shawl and Korean Fixed Ties in the Garment Section. Samyang Noodles (RAMEN) in all available flavors such as Spicy Hot Chicken, 2X Spicy, 4X Spicy, Cheese, Curry, Stew and Much more and also available in NONGSHIM Shin Ramyun, Kimchi Noodles Soup, Seafood. Koreas Best Seaweed, Roasted Sea Laver, Kimchi, Korean Aloe vera Juice in the food Section. And as New Arrival Koreas Renowned Cosmetic Brand ATOMY which has already gained the cosmetic Market in the USA, CANADA, MEXICO, TAIWAN, CAMBODIA, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, JAPAN and SOUTH KOREA itself in now available Exclusively in Our Country NEPAL. Exclusive Korean cosmetic tools and accessories from ATOMY are Available now for your beauty and glamour. Atomy BB CREAM, SKIN CARE 6 SYSTEM, FOAM CLEANSER, SUNSCREEN, EYE SHADOW, MASCARA, HAIR TREATMENT LIQUID FOR SCALP HEAD, AC SPECIAL CREAM FOR PIMPLES and more.


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