Bizsbook Mobile Application

Category : Business
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 12/28/2021


Bizsbook is a Complete Multi-lingual ERP software to maintain records like sells, purchases, stocks, invoice & billing, accounts, Expenses HRM etc. Save Customers and Supplier Contact details on the Go: - Get reports on sells due & purchases due. It is easy to collect payments in time. Send GST/ Tax Invoices: - Generate TAX Invoice or Quotation and share through Email/ Whatsapp. Also, receive payments online by sharing URL. Save Products Information: - Save Products Information by categories, brands, variation, warranties, units etc. Sells & Purchases: - Records sells through easy-to-use POS Screen. Add customer discounts, tax from POS Screen. One time Pay or multi-pay option available. Stocks: - Get Stocks report on the fly. Records stock transfer and stock adjustment. Expenses: - Keep records on day-to-day expenses. Accounts: - Maintain Ledger Accounts for cash in hand or Bank Accounts. HRM Modules: - Bizsbook have HRM Modules to maintain Employees Database. Detailed Reports: - Get detailed reports on sells, purchases, stocks, tax, profits, accounts etc.


ERP, Business Software, Billing, Invoice, Sell, Stock, Purchase, account, HRM