MonDef Mobile Application

Category : Finance
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 3/27/2019


MONDEF is an independent expertise company which mainly deals with construction cost engineering and optimization of financial parameters for investments. Key services consist of feasibility reports, cost engineering, financial and technical monitoring of the projects during the construction and investment period. Holding wide experience, we focus on not only construction processes but also look from a lender’s standpoint as well. Thanks to their many years of technical and financial expertise, our team ensures the high quality of our services. These approaches undoubtedly play a significant role for financial institutions, investment funds and developers that are highly interested in achieving the promised rate of return on their investments. Thus, we work for realization of their projects at the highest quality, in the shortest time and with the minimum price possible. PROJECTS AT A GLANCE Mondef mobile application provides high quality services for our special clients such as project overview, visual reports, IPMR and/or IPER preview reports regarding their projects. EASY CONFIGURATION Mondef mobile application provides easy configuration for our clients so they can control their projects, add or remove members etc.


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