Movie Soup - Netflix Roulette

Movie Soup - Netflix Roulette Mobile Application

Category : Entertainment
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 10/16/2020


Movie Soup is an application that combines many features. One of these features is Netflix Roulette: Want to decide but don't know which option to choose? Sometimes it is better to leave it to fate! Netflix Roulette helps you choose from more than one option. You can spin the wheel of hundreds of options and use them whenever you want. You can also narrow down the options and choose a category. You can put lower limit on imdb points. You may find Movie Soup free, easy to use, and useful for decision making. You set the limits! Just choose your own settings and spin the wheel. Good luck! Another feature of our Movie Soup is to Calculate the Total Duration of the Series: If you started watching a TV series and watch it continuously, in how many hours or days can you finish it? That's exactly what we have the Movie Time feature for. Type in the name of the series and select the season you want and see the result! Our third main feature in our soup is the Movie Music Quiz: As the name suggests, it is a great app to guess the movie from the soundtrack. If you are familiar with TV series or movie soundtracks, this feature is for you. Just enter the application and have fun!


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