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Lots of questions? Wondering how to get pregnant? Or about pregnancy symptoms? Or what to eat or wear during pregnancy? When and why go to the doctor? How to prevent or relieve heartburn? What about prescription drugs, pregnancy symptoms, and changes in your body? You might even need to know if you can have pets, or if is safe to be intimate with your husband during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a world full of expectations and unknown paths. It is full of emotions and doubts, joys and exciting moments, hormonal and bodily changes. But without a doubt, it is one of the most extraordinary experiences ever lived, where you can experience the miracle of life itself. Each stage brings its "black holes" and we need answers that shed light on the way. This application has been designed to answer all your questions, or almost all of them! Our goal is to help you through these eternally short 9 months of pregnancy. Here you'll find: -> FAQs: ~ BY TRIMESTER ~ ---> PREGNANT? How to Know? ---> EACH TRIMESTER: Random Q&A ---> Facts by Week (By Trimester) ---> + RESOURCES -> FAQs: ~ BY CATEGORIES ~ ---> Getting Pregnant ---> Being Pregnant ---> My Body and my Bump ---> Going to the Doctor ---> Pain & Drugs, Cosmetics and others ---> Diet: What to Eat (Drink)? ---> Outdoor Activities and Workout ---> What to Wear? ---> Having Pets ---> Giving Birth ---> Postpartum ---> Things Nobody Tells You About Being Pregnant And much more ... "Let's make it happen" __________ Notice: This app is not a substitute for asking or visiting your doctor. This app should only be used as an informational resource. To make decisions, contact your doctor. __________ To suggest new resources, questions and answers, or to give feedback on improvements to this app, please email us:


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