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Yayınlanma Tarihi: 11/27/2020


The Student Desk Want one app for all your virtual study requirements? All the things required for a student desk present in one app. The student desk is well-loved among students and is designed to make student life easier. It is a perfect platform for virtual and digital study. 🔶Study ✔️Search for free books ✔️Study Planner ✔️Notebook ✔️To-Do list ✔️Sticky Notes 🔶Expert ✔️ Dictionary ✔️ Calculator ✔️Convertor ✔️ Translator 🔶Document Manager ✔️A PDF solution ✔️All in one media converter 🔶Google 🔶Chat 🔶News 🔶 Favourites ✅Study Planner •Track homework, assignments, reminders and revision. •Store exam dates and manage your class timetables. •Notifications for upcoming and unfinished works. •Sign in and access, sync even when offline. Reference from ✅Search for Free books •Access to millions of books you need for free •Quick navigation and download with a single click. • Available as PDF format. Reference from ✅Notebook • Free notebook for note-taking. • Clear interface, easy to take quick notes • Create photo notes. • Bookmark notes and view them at any time. ✅To-Do List • Checklist notes for To do list • Build a shopping list to help you check every item. • Make an everyday list of topics to study. ✅ Sticky Notes •Easy access to create, edit, search, share and insert pictures in sticky notes •Swipe between notes. •Multicolored stickies with multiple fonts and sizes. •Sign in to store and sync data, easy access anywhere. Reference from ✅ Dictionary •Free Dictionary, Thesaurus, Synonyms, Spelling Reference from ✅ Calculator • Student-friendly calculator with all operations necessary for simple and complex problems. Reference from ✅ Converter •Unit convertor with a convenient interface designed for casual users. Reference from ✅ Translator •Convert text or speech to easily comprehended language. Reference from google translator ✅ PDF Solution •Convert pdf format to various formats - word, excel, jpeg etc. • Edit, unlock, arrange PDF files and many more features. Reference from ✅ All in one converter • Convert from various formats to any format of choice for free. • Supports the editing of files. Reference from ✅News • Get real-time news to enhance your general knowledge. Reference from ✅ Favourites • Select your favourite task options to save time and fast access. ✅ Google • Search in Google Directly from the app. • Search in Google Books directly from the app. ✅ Chat • Chat with friends within the app for discussion. • Secure messaging which can connect to any study desk user. Questions? write to us at I am an independent developer and I strive to make your study experience better day by day. For this I require your valuable feedback and ideas to help me deliver you with better features. Thank you for choosing this app. This app is a one-stop for students and for this I have taken reference from various sites as mentioned above.


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