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Azwihangwisi Elijah Mauna (born April 1, 1962), and Mashudu Selina Mauna (born September 15, 1969) both of them are South African pastors. Azwihangwisi Elijah is an Apostle and Mashudu Selina is a Prophet ordained by God. They are leaders and founders of Agape Devine and Healing Centre. They were joined in Holy Matrimony on the 3rd of July in 1993 and since then have been blessed with three daughters Adonica Phuluso, Faith Tshilidzi and Precious Unarine Mauna. Apostle And Prophetess Mauna both emerged from poverty-stricken homes, to lead a Mega church that would attract thousands from all four corners of the earth to witness the reality of God's power today. To God be the glory, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth never considered their backgrounds to determine their destiny, but looked at their God loving and fearing hearts. Mauna A.E, then later ordained an Apostle by God served as a correctional officer for 26 precious years under the department of correctional services; Meanwhile M.S Mauna, later anointed a Prophet of God, was just a mere secondary educator under the department of Education who had her 12 years in service before she could retire and became full-time in


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