Wine 101

Wine 101 Mobile Application

Category : Education
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 8/26/2019


This app teaches users how to blind taste wines by using the deductive tasting method and varietal markers to pick out the characteristics associated with different varietals. After a thorough study of these sections, the user will be able to blind taste any wine made from a major international grape variety and, without any beforehand knowledge about the wine, be able to determine the varietal, a vintage range, and the possible regions where the wine was produced. The app also provides a quick guide on pairing food and wine along with a list of classic pairings; e.g, Sauvignon Blanc and fresh goat cheese, Merlot and pizza, etc. The developer has also included a glossary that lists terms associated with styles of wine, grape varietals, production, vineyard management, and classification systems. There is also a section where the developer will, from time-to-time, provide tasting notes on specific wines. These notes are intended to help consumers avoid poorly made wines or wines they simply may not like. Finally, there is a list of quiz questions so that users can test their knowledge and wine.


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