Yimkhiung Naga

Yimkhiung Naga Mobile Application

Category : Education
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 11/22/2023


Yimkhiung Naga App, is exclusively designed and developed for the purpose of educating the people of Yimkhiung specially for younger generation in knowing more about its own tribe culture and traditions. The features of the app contains; 1) History and origin of Yimkhiung Naga, 2) First who's who among Yimkhiung People. 3) Land and its cultural 4) Worship of animism and traditional practices and beliefs. 5) Advent of Christianity in Yimkhiung Naga area 6) Educational Establishment 7)Yimkhiung Contribution towards Naga Struggle for freedom 8) words translation in Yimkhiung dialect, 9)Scanned copy of Yimkhiung Hymnal Book etc.