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Mission of HHWL Helping Hands with Love is a community which has taken up very essential works to empower the needy. FOR Students 1. Helping students - who have completed their schooling and are awaiting to pursue higher studies in universities – is the primary role of our community by enriching them with course details and providing the details of colleges and fees. Some of the courses are medical courses, arts and science, accountancy, computer related ones, BE, law, IELTS, any entrance exams only to mention a few. Any student in need of our help may have to register the given form in our website so as to pave the way for us to contact the particular person in need within 48 hours. The knowledgeable person will be directed to lend hands. In addition to the direction for higher studies, students, who may need psychological helps, will be accompanied by a psychologist or MSW scholar. 2. Training on skill development – like, spoken English, drawing, writing poems, articles, etc. – is also part of our mission. 3. To be deepened in spirituality, spiritual supports will be offered with the help of proficient spiritual people. 4. Destitute students will get economical support by raising funds. 5. Spreading awareness programs on education through mass media is a part of our mission. To add, awareness programs on AIDS also will be given. 6. The adults being addicted to something or the other will be helped out to overcome. For Children: 1. Spreading awareness programs about good touch and bad touch. 2. Spreading awareness programs about body hygiene. 3. Spreading awareness programs about the importance of education 4. Educating children get rid of the evils such as child labour, child marriage, and so on. 5. Empowering children to get good education. Some of our other relevant tasks: • Welfare of women • Welfare of poor and needy • Providing necessaries in time of natural calamities. • Helping women to come out of sexual harassment and any other suffering. • Explaining Government schemes, scholarships and any other privileges and opportunities. * Providing Medical helps and seek people for blood donation * We work for pollutionless Nature By found and co founder corrected by Sachin. sj ❤️........... ❤️.......... ❤️.....


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