Category : Education
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 6/9/2020


Kids Infotainment. There is a need to enhance emotional resiliency among children, primarily in present times, as the pandemic has opened up new challenges that require children to further build their coping skills, particularly in the domain of emotional intelligence. Children are required to cope with limited opportunities to play outdoors, the stress of coping with online classes that are not necessarily transacted in the most effective manner and meeting the expectations of parents. Being indoors most of the times and very less social interaction is taking a toll on children's ability to cope with the ever evolving situation. As such psycho-social support has become paramount to help children become more emotionally resilient. Kidsinfotainment is an innovative concept to develop and enhance emotional resilience by providing an interactive platform for children using videos, mindfulness practices, games and stories. The app has been developed in English and Assamese to facilitate children from different socio economic backgrounds. The app consists of different modules that include • Daily journal- where the user can record their daily experience of what they are feeling, their emotions and how they are coping with it. • May I help - here the user can reach out for help, if they wish to, by chatting with experts. • Mindfulness - this module introduces different mindfulness practices that have been scientifically proven to be effective in developing emotional intelligence and resilience. • Check yourself- a fun quiz to assess life skills particularly relevant to current situation and assessment to measure emotional intelligence. • Video - different motivational and inspirational videos that speak to hope among the gloom, of a bright future where these children will contribute, a healthy and sustainable planet and yoga videos to help develop a healthy body and mind.


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