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Category : Education
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 8/6/2021


# CMM Training (Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine) provides specific training with Theoretical & Practical training. # Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine is an accurate measuring Machine to qualify manufacturing parts such as Machined parts / Plastics parts / Aluminum parts etc. with precise measurements in Engineering company where CMM is available. # CMM Training is a skill development Focused Mission for Mechanical / Automobiles / ITI Engineering Students & working Engineers, CMM Operator or students of any trade who willing to develop their Skill through such specific training which are rarely a part of Syllabus in Engineering study. Mainly training is initiated with two way: # CMM Basic training includes Theoretical Training Online. # CMM advance Training includes Theoretical & Practical training at Industrial site with limited seats. (Covid'19 protocol are being maintained.)


CMM Training