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Yayınlanma Tarihi: 6/25/2020


Gaming logo maker - KT DIGITAL is a providing free online logo software for small gamers. We created Gaming Brands to make it easy for anyone to get their business off the ground and get others to believe in their business too. And we do this by giving everyone access to good branding and design. The Gaming logo maker - KT DIGITAL Mission: Our mission is to empower business owners with the right tools to reach as many customers as possible — and these tools happen to all be right here at Gaming logo maker - KT DIGITAL. From logo design and gaming channel to promotional products and website development, millions of customers from around the world have enlisted in our help for all their branding needs. How to get free logo through this software : 1. Register to app 2. Open the menu 3. Click on logos option 4. Choose a logo 5. Download logo 6. Open the Free Logo Form 7. Fill up this form correctly 8. Upload the logo in form 9. Submit Form Within 24 hours your logo was delivered to your gmail account. Free Package: 1. HD Transparent Logo Premium Package : Pay for this : 1250 Rs. 1. HD Transparent Logo 2. High Resolution Animated Logo 3. Free Gaming Cover Page 4. Full HD Gaming Intro


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