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StockGurukul By Saksham Girase Mobile Application

Category : Business
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 6/28/2022


We are a service based company. We provide service about StockMarket , We provide you with news, some strong supported Tips and we provide you with all the things that are going on in the whole world. We are having our own team called 'Team StockGurukul' We also make you provide with all the basic services that a new Investor needs. We are already connected with more than 500 people as our members. We have started this Service Company on 6th April 2021. And we are feeling proud to say that we are going to open our own firm soon. We have not made proffit of a single penny of money till now. We give our all this services in free of Cost. We run this for make people aware about this website but in future we are going to make our website on the premium basis. We give payment to our agent on the basis of Premium Video on every 10 members connecting to our Portal. At last we would like to say that "We are here to make your dream's True


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